You Can Create Crash Bandicoot’s New Idle Animation

The new Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy game will be out in a little over two months and to further promote this game Activision is holding a new contest where you create Crash’s new idle animation. The idle animation is when you stop playing a game and instead of pausing it, you let the character stand there. Sonic the Hedgehog also had a famous animation as he would look at the screen at tap his foot, essentially telling you to hurry up. So for Crash, you can have him dance, point at the screen, make a funny face or even pull out a prop and start playing with it. If you want you could even have Crash pull out an Easter egg type prop from the last Uncharted game, because in the game they play the original Crash Bandicoot. There are so many possibilities of what Crash can do and as long as you can put it into words, you have a chance to win this contest.


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