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Xbox One Will Be Getting Keyboard And Mouse Support

Xbox One Will Be Getting Keyboard And Mouse Support

For a while I have been a big proponent of having keyboard and mouse support for the Xbox One to handle games such as Diablo 3 and Halo Wars. Actually Diablo 3 worked pretty well with a controller, but there are some other games that are top down dungeon crawlers that could use the keyboard and mouse support.

I obviously haven’t been the only person who’s having these thoughts as over the weekend during PAX, Mike Ybarra was questioned about keyboard and mouse support for the Xbox One.

So much like many ideas for the future of Xbox One, keyboard and mouse support are currently being worked on. As I mentioned above this would be great for the those top down dungeon crawlers that have been so popular on PC, but then again this may also be a game changer for first person shooters on Xbox One.

The argument for where to best play first person shooters has been as constant as the argument of which controller is best used for fighting games. Some prefer a controller to a mouse and keyboard as that’s the reason they put money into a console and not a PC, but some PC game players like myself do have an Xbox One controller permanently plugged into my PC. I also look for controller support in games, as I’ve spent so long on consoles that I can better enjoy a PC game if I’m using a device my hands and muscle memory are used to. I do see that any argument may turn to be slightly hypocritical as PC players may enjoy the ability to plug a controller in, but not want to plug a keyboard and mouse into their consoles.

As of right now this can be considered “in development” as nothing is set in stone and a lot of their focus is on the release of Xbox One X. On the other hand if Mike Ybarra is saying this and the internet keeps posting this clip everywhere, then a fire might get lit under someone to fast track this.

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