We all enjoy revving up our engines and going fast while racing in some of the worlds top tracks in Forza or avoiding cops and racing for money in Need for Speed, but what about just racing around something subtle yet fun. The game Coffin Dodgers first came out last July and was available for Steam, but now it’s coming to the Xbox One.

In the game you get to play as one of seven elderly people who live in a retirement village. When you choose an elderly person to race as you will not be only be racing for first in line at the early bird buffet, but also for your soul. The Grim Reaper himself is after all of you and it will take your upgraded scooter to stop him while winning the race.

As you race in this 3D open world you will get to have the chance to upgrade your scooter to make you a move dangerous elder driving on the street. The game is also getting multiplayer and you can driver over 13 unique worlds in single player mode.

If you think that these old people will die during the race because of their old age its ok, there are also zombies in the game that can devour any stragglers behind.

No release date yet for the game on Xbox One, but please enjoy this trailer

By Taylor

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