X-23 Pops Her Claws And We Finally Hear Why This Is Will Be An R Rated Movie

The first Logan trailer gave us a glimpse into what looked like a wasteland with an older Wolverine, an even older Professor X and a young X-23. It was announced it was going to be R rated but probably just for the violence and maybe an F bomb being dropped, but not to the extent that Deadpool had. Personally I was up in the air about the trailer, being that the villain didn’t seem like all that big of a threat and there weren’t any mutant baddies. 

The second trailer for Logan dropped and even thought there aren’t any additional mutant bad guys, seeing X-23 pop her claws and do the iconic Wolverine leap was pretty amazing

I’m not sure if they’re going to do the exact backstory, but at one point Professor X does tell Wolverine that X-23 is just like him. Will that be followed up with a reveal of a cloning process or will they come up with something different? With the alternate timelines that X-Men: Days of Future Past created, the comic book that Logan is reading where it shows all their adventures may be from that alternate timeline, where X-23 was a clone and in the new timeline she’s just another survivor of process he went under. Each adult gets to drop an F bomb in the trailer with Professor X having the final one along with a funny line. 

As I go back and watch it, I’m just wondering if we are truly seeing the end to peoples story lines. Professor X in a medical bed in what looks to be Cerebro and a weak Wolverine hand grabbing X-23‘s on the ground during what is shown to be a battle against a group of soldiers. This is suppose to be the final Wolverine movie, but he could still show up in Deadpool 2 because it may take place before the time this movie takes place.


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