X-23 Gets Her Own Trailer For Logan

We’ve seen a few Logan trailers that are centered around Logan, aka Wolverine, but a new trailer centered around found footage of X-23 has been released. What starts out as a first person view from X-23‘s perspective in an operating room, turns into a overhead shot of them doing what looks to be an updated version of what they did to Logan turning him into Wolverine. X-23 is the code name given to her as she is the 23rd participant in the program, we see evidence of this when they are leading all the children into their rooms. So far in the trailers we’ve seen her pop her claws from her hands, but the one in her foot hasn’t been shown. When she is being wheeled in the gurney it shows that her legs and feet are bandaged, this could be evidence that we will eventually see all three of her claws come out.


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