Over the past two weeks there have been hints of a possibility of a reunion of the tag team super group The Shield. It’s been three years since The Shield broke up due to a betrayal by Seth Rollins again Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns in June 2014, and each member went on to enjoy successful solo careers. Seth Rollins has went from being a “heel” back to a “face” character and reconciled with Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, but even though all seemed to be on neutral terms there was no talk of a reunion of The Shield. Since last year there had been hints that things may be going the way of a reunion with Dean Ambrose being in the corner of Roman Reigns for a while, then being tag team partners with Seth Rollins. It looked as if Dean Ambrose would be the common denominator if The Shield ended up coming back and being a team., but Roman Reigns had his own story line on and it didn’t seem to be involving Ambrose and Rollins. I’ll get back to this in a moment, but let’s focus on Roman Reigns for a moment.

No matter what Roman Reigns seems to do, the crowd just cannot get on his side. There was a mixed reaction to him when the The Shield broke up and eventually he became a huge character “face” but crowd “heel”. Roman Reigns had great success in his solo career including winning The Royal Rumble and defeating The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 33. Even with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson coming out when Reigns won the The Royal Rumble didn’t help, because the crowd boo’d him almost as much as they did Bautista when he won. No matter how strong he was booked or how many wins he had under his belt, the crowd wanted nothing to do with him that didn’t involve hating him. It could be seen that WWE really wanted him to be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, but they wanted him to win with the crowd on his side so they started taking necessary steps. When John Cena came back to Monday Night Raw from Smackdown Live, he immediately was targeted by Roman Reigns. The feud built over weeks with Cena brutally attacking Reigns, making fun of him and constantly going over with the crowd. Roman Reigns didn’t have much to say but take it and give back here and there, but the main point was to build up John Cena not respecting Roman Reigns. With John Cena’s creed being hustle, loyalty and respect, the main goal for Reigns was given by Cena himself on the Raw before No Mercy. John Cena told Roman Reigns that if he defeated him at No Mercy than he would earn his respect, and that’s what all of the weeks of torment was building up to. The crowd loves John Cena and if he gave his backing to Roman Reigns then the crowd would follow along. After Roman Reigns defeated John Cena at No Mercy John Cena shook Roman’s hand and raised his arm. With a mutual nod of respect Reigns left the ring and let Cena be alone with the crowd, mostly as a thank you for the push that Cena had provided Reigns with. The next night Reigns came out to the normal amount of boo’s and was on Miz TV where he made fun of The Miz, to which the crowd loved and cheered whenever he made a joke at The Miz‘s expense. It looked as if the plan had worked and Roman would be heading back to the favor of the crowd as long as he didn’t say or do anything stupid. When the teasing became too much and The Mizsourage attacked Roman Reigns, the crowd immediately started chanting “Shield”. It’s always good to leave the crowd wanting more, so Dean Amborse and Seth Rollins didn’t come out. The following week The Miztourage again attacked Roman Reigns the following week, which resulted in Roman taking out Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas and leaving The Miz alone. The Miz wasn’t alone very long as Sheamus and Cesaro, who have been feuding with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, came out and helped The Miz attack Roman Reigns. Again, the crowd chanted “Shield” but no one came out. The final scene of Monday Night Raw was Roman Reigns being approached by Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, exchanging mutual nods and then walking away.

I now bring it back to story lines, as all of this is pretty much guaranteeing the return of The Shield. We’re 18 days away from the new Raw pay per view Tables, Ladder and Chairs, and this is no doubt will be where The Shield will go against The Miz, Sheamus and Cesaro. The point of this match isn’t to just reunite The Shield, but to continue to push Roman Reigns to the favor of the crowd. The WWE universe loves The Shield and Roman Reigns will most likely get the big spots the next 2 episode of Monday Night Raw as well as TLC. If everything goes to plan The Shield may stay together for a while, but the end game will be Roman Reigns winning the Universal Championship as a crowd favorite.

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