WWE 2016 Clash Of Champions Results


I am of two minds about this RAW pay per view. Clash of Champions didn’t even show Stephanie or Mick until a few matches had come and gone, they relied on The New Day to make the introduction. I know that doesn’t mean much to the results of the matches, but it would be nice for the heads of the show to come out and welcome the crowd and pump up the crowd a little more with a Foley cheap pop. I suppose I’m just complaining over nothing, so let’s get to the matches and see how I did.

Alicia Fox vs. Nia Jax – I was wrong. As much as I wanted Alicia Fox to win, it was Nia Jax’s power that proved too much for her. Alicia was quick and agile as I predicted, but a few good power moves is all it took for Nia to go over and win.

The New Day  (c) vs. Luke Gallows and Karl AndersonI was right. The New Day didn’t win cleanly, which is more of a heel move more that face’s don’t usually do. The match was actually going in Gallows and Anderson’s favor, but a well times hit to the face with Francesca is all it took to give The New Day the win. I believe I heard some boo’s in the audience and they would be right to, there was no need for them to bring in outside assistance. All this shows is that The New Day are weak against Gallows and Anderson.

T.J. Perkins (c) vs. Brian KendrickI was wrong. This match went on a really long time, but I guess for those in the lighter weight classes they don’t get gassed as much as the heavier guys. I did like T.J. Perkins’ video game intro, and I guess if I watched the Cruiserweight Classic I would have been more apt to pick him as the winner. Apparently Brian Kendrick had been in the WWE before, but I don’t remember him.

Cesaro vs. Sheamus – Neither wrong no right. I don’t know how I would label this match other than a waste of time. I had mentioned that I wasn’t a fan of Sheamus in any way, but to make people who watch the pay per views and shows sit through six matches between these two only to have it end the way it did isn’t fair to anyone. I was thoroughly confused on what exactly was so wrong to Cesaro’s arm that it had be ruled no contest. There was an audience member who looked like he was hurt, but I think he worked there and was never mentioned at all. In the end when the referee’s were attending to each of the wrestlers, it looked like Sheamus was somewhere completely different and possibly on something. I know all this means is that there will be a pay per view match that will be their 7th match and it may be at Hell in a Cell.

Sami Zayn vs. Chris Jericho – I was wrong. I remember pieces of this match, because I tuned out due to it not being as exciting as I believe it should have been. Regardless of how I feel about Jericho, I do feel like he could really put on a good match as long as he has someone to work off of.  Maybe they just weren’t feeling it during the match, but it was a lack luster performance which ended with Jericho winning.

Charlotte (c) vs. Sasha Banks vs. Bayley – I was right. I find matches pretty predictable when there are helpers that are wrestlers who accompany combatants to the ring. I knew Dana Brooke was was going to interfere, and she did, but this match also brushed off a great rematch within a match. As I mentioned, Charlotte was thrown out of the ring early, but Sasha and Bayley didn’t use that time to go at it like they should have. Instead of doing what the crowd wanted, they kept included Charlotte in their match. It was because of this Charlotte was able to capitalize and hit Bayley with a big boot then get the pin.

Rusev (c) (with Lana) vs. Roman Reigns – I was right. Roman didn’t tell anyone to put their beef away, but the ref did tell Lana to leave the ring. After interfering with the match, the ref did a great job of not stopping it but just ejecting Lana. With no Lana, Roman was able to get a clean win and grab the United States Championship.

Kevin Owens (c) vs. Seth Rollins – I was right. There wasn’t an interference by Triple H, but Chris Jericho did come out and made zero impact. The Jericho interference didn’t come until after Owens and Rollins had some time to beat each other up. I do feel like there were a few big botches that could have really hurt Rollins, the main one being a weird off the rope slam that was labeled a gut buster by the commentators but it didn’t look like a good landing. The Spanish announce table was targeted like always, but nothing that wasn’t telegraphed when you saw Rollins laying on it which lead to Owens smashing through it. I did want to see Reigns come out and take out Jericho, which would start their story line, but it was Stephanie who sent out a referee because the other one was knocked out and ended up costing Rollins the match. This was another ending that I didn’t get, as the ref was suppose to be a distraction, but it just looked like a hurry up ending as Owens performed a pop up power bomb. Rollins pulled off a face type promo backstage prior to the match and I feel like even though he doesn’t want to be, he’s being written as a face that will probably fully come to fruition at either Royal Rumble or Wrestlemania.


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