During the DC Legends of Tomorrow panel that took place this weekend at Wondercon in Los Angeles, a sizzle reel was shown of upcoming episodes that return airing this Thursday. So far we’ve seen them travel into the not so distant past and future for, but now they are going way in the past and seeing what the television version of Jonah Hex will look like.

We also see Ra’s Al-Ghul talking to a young Talia Al-Ghul about learning how to fight from White Canary, not knowing that this would be her love interest in the future before being forced to “marry” Oliver Queen.

The show had a bit of a rocky beginning and having equal parts for each of them to play each episode did seem like it would be a problem, but it has worked out pretty well. The good/bad persona of the team has, for the most part, calmed down and there have even been sparks between shipmates. The one thing I can say is that the budget looks to be just as big as established CW shows like Arrow and Flash, so at least they have enough faith to supply them with the funds needed to bring this time traveling show to life.

By Taylor

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