Will The Mobile Version Of Final Fantasy XI Be Good Enough To Require A Subscription?

With the announcement of Final Fantasy XI coming to mobile devices in the future, I was wondering if they were going to change the model of the game from subscription to a one time fee or free to play with microtransactions. Right now there is no word on how they’ll market the game, but they did refer to it as a massively multiplayer mobile online role playing game, or MMMORPG for short. I was talking to Dre yesterday while we were at a screening for the movie Keanu and he had mentioned that mobile is becoming a big part of gaming and they’re pumping a lot of money into their games. No matter how much you think it’s dumb to pay for gold to move a few spaces or to skip a level, there is someone out there who can justify the reason to make that transaction.

I’m a fan of Final Fantasy and I put a good amount of time into playing Final Fantasy XI  on my PC. I wasn’t the best and I got lucky with someone giving me a linkshell, but I really wasn’t that familiar with guilds and raids so I did a lot of the game solo. At the time of me playing I didn’t see a problem with $14.99 a month, but if I’m going to be playing the same game on my phone I don’t think I’d be comfortable paying that much. Luckily I was grandfathered into the unlimited data plan, but if I wasn’t then I would have to pay for the data I used as well as the monthly subscription price. This could be very costly, especially if you get really into the game and play it for hours a day. Long commutes on the bus or ever working out at the gym with a stationary bike could easily eat up a big chunk of data if you’re not on wifi or have the unlimited data plan. If you wanted a very flimsy rebutle, you could say that a person would have to pay for a monthly bill for internet along with the $14.99 subscription. If you did make that argument, then it would be easily countered by the simple fact that your home internet does not have a cap on it.

No matter what they include in the game I don’t feel that they could include anything that would warrant a subscription, even if they did a one time price I still feel the data cap worry would turn some people off. So in that case, I’d say that they would have to go with the free to play model and just bank on getting money from ads and microtransactions.


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