There’s a lot that can happen in 5 minutes. If you watch the WWE, then you know that with 5 minutes left in any program anything can happen. In regards to the much anticipated CW animated show Vixen, which premiered yesterday on CW’s Seed, they had to introduce enough of the character and her powers to get you interested in coming back to watch. Being that this also takes place in the same universe as Green Arrow and The Flash, it was shown in promos leading up to the show that they would be making appearances.

I guess I didn’t do that much research, because I was a little surprised when I saw the episode was only 5 minutes long. After a quick search I now know that there will be six 5 minutes episodes. With that being said, let’s see what Vixen taught me. Being an original character and only learning powers from her character sheet released online, I was looking forward to see her powers in action.


The episode starts off with Vixen being chased by Green Arrow and The Flash, with no real reason given. Vixen is on the run while on rooftops and project animals as she uses different abilities to jump and scale walls. Each hero gets their spot light to try to stop Vixen, but she ends up using her speed to catch an arrow mid flight and out maneuver the scarlet speedster. No one get’s hurt and no real big damage is done but a wrong move has her falling from a building only to wake up in a jail cell with text reading ‘3 days earlier’. After a brief interaction with the police during her release via bail, she is met by a person who is her foster father. The two walk off to go eat and are mugged by two men, the foster father is knocked down and as a gun is pointed to a restrained Vixen the screen fades to black.


I wasn’t lying when I said a lot can happen in 5 minutes. We not only got to see Green Arrow and The Flash, we also learned that Vixen can easily go toe to toe with both of them at the same time. The time frame is 3 days between her being in jail and her using her powers, so we know that she has to have both discovered and learned how to use her powers from someone. The necklace that presumably gives her powers her powers is shown and two different people show interest in it, one offers money while the other threatens to take it by force. We also know that this girl has no parents and is a foster child, who has a very caring foster father. The relationship seems to be rough, but only on her side as her father shows nothing but compassion and support while bailing her out. With the amount of action that happened in the first  minutes of the episode I’ll definitely be coming back to see more of Vixen and her powers

By Taylor

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