What Does The Title For Star Wars Episode 8 Mean?

Earlier this morning it was revealed that the next episode in the Star Wars series would be titled Star War: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi. With no additional information available we are now able to speculate wildly about what the movie may be about. According to the Star Wars website this is the next chapter in the Skywalker Saga, so we know that it either has to do solely with Luke Skywalker

You may ask yourself why I didn’t say it would be about Luke or Rey, and it’s because Luke is an official Jedi and Rey is just force sensitive the same way Leia is. They may be going closer to Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back as Rey isn’t considered as Jedi until a certain task is done in Episode IX, the same way Yoda told Luke he wouldn’t be a Jedi until he confronted Darth Vader. We also know that Leia is in Episode VIII – The Last Jedi but her part isn’t very big, which helps point towards a Luke heavy movie probably about where he’s been and training Rey. He will also be playing the Yoda part, because I feel he’ll be the one to reveal just who Rey‘s parents are and if he is in fact one of them. There have been way too many stories out there on why Rey is Lukes daughter, so I won’t bore you with my reasoning why.

Let’s now look at the color for Star War: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi. Episodes 1-3 had the gold tint, Episode 4-7 were yellow and now Episode 8 has red lettering for Star Wars. In remembering the colors of the First Order, I believe they were black and red. The title may have some indication on what we could be expecting with the First Order and Snoke as he may reveal himself and take on Luke, who is the last Jedi. As I mentioned above, this movie may not be exactly parallel with Episode 5 – The Empire Strikes Back but I do sense a significant onscreen death.


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