Entertainment Weekly has published pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch in his full Dr. Strange costume as well as some concept art of scenes to be shot. I’m a comic lover, but I have never been a big Dr. Strange fan. It wasn’t that I didn’t respect his ways or think he was a cheap character, he just didn’t make my main roster when I would name off superheroes.

The pictures that EW posted show Cumberbatch in the iconic high collared cape while wearing what I believe is the Eye of Agamotto.00-EW1397-1398-Marvel-First-Look_459x612 doctor-is-in-ew-008 Mystical-Strange-005-EW

We also show shots of a scene when Dr. Strange is in the hospital after a car accident has shattered his hands.


The next two pictures are what I assume his place looks like and when he starts messing with magic and going through dimensions

mystery-room-strange-008 Mystery-Strange-EW-001

The beard and mustache aren’t black, which isn’t a big deal to me, and I think there may be some whiny people online saying that they need to be. Until we get a trailer we won’t know if he will provide an american accent, but with what we’ve seen so far I’m ok with it. I’m also going in with the same expectations that I provided Ant-Man and that surprised me, so I look forward to what Dr. Strange has to offer.

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