For many months now Wesley Snipes has been talking about meetings he has had with Marvel Studios about another Blade movie. The last Blade movie was Blade Trinity, which I really liked, back in 2004.  Snipes has stated in the past that the meetings that happened were with a villain that he thinks can stand toe to toe with Blade. Recently he spoke to TMZ about some upcoming movies and after talking about a and gave the following information a new movie called Arson, stated the following

Then we got a super hero joint… We’re gonna put Blade to rest… Sshh… I’m not gonna tell you, you’re gonna see. It’s gonna blow your mind. Guarantee you. It’s great competition for Mr… for Mr. Blade.

I have always been a huge fan of Morbius the living vampire. There is no other person that I think would be a better character to fight Blade, plus they could end up teaming up against a bigger villain. The only problem is that with a team up, no one would know who Morbius was so they wouldn’t know he was a good guy. I think at this point in Blades career only one villain will do and it has to be Morbius.


By Taylor

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