Were You Happy With Nintendo’s Metroid Announcements?

Metroid has been one of the staples in Nintendo history ever since it originally was release on the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game has been on numerous lists that include greatest of all time, best twist and best female character (spoiler?). Samus Aran has even reached out of the Metroid games and joined ensemble games such as Smash Bros., all while Nintendo put out a Metroid game on mostly every console they’ve created. Sadly Metroid did not make it to Nintendo‘s Virtual Boy, and for that we thank you.

This year there were a lot of rumors of at least two new Metroid games being released and of course they would be on the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo 3DS. With such a weak library the Nintendo Switch needed a heavy hitter to push the platform to those who were looking for another system selling game, other than The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In most recent years nothing could be kept secret, and the leak of a new Metroid game was almost definite but it never happened. Tuesday came and at 9am Nintendo presented their E3 video package, and what did we get for the Nintendo Switch? A fancy title cad with a Metroid Prime 4 showing, only to later be called a “working title” in press releases.

When I saw this I was nothing but disappointed. Nintendo had the spotlight and they looked at the audience, farted and asked for a standing ovation. The Nintendo Switch was not developed in the past few months, so they should have had some kind of footage to show off at E3. In the press release it states that this is a continuance of the Metroid Prime story, and it will be back in first person view. That sound great, and I’m sure that some footage or even a picture would have been nice to give potential Nintendo Switch owners. No, Nintendo wants to put up text saying the game is currently being made and they didn’t even put up a 2018 year. This possibly means that next E3 they will have some footage and the release date may be  in 2019.

The Metroid game that Nintendo did show off gameplay footage of was Metroid: Return of Samus for the Nintendo 3DS.

It’s sad that this handheld game looks just as good, possibly even better, than Metroid: Other M on the Nintendo Wii. This looks to go back to the side scrolling action of older Metroids with familiar weapons and abilities of the past. Actually it’s the same as an old Metroid game, because it’s a re-imagining of the 1991 Gameboy game. This isn’t even an original game and the only thing new about this is that they are going to release two new Amiibo figures when the game is released. I suppose that’s the reason why they were able to make this game so quickly, it’s because they had to port it to the Nintendo 3DS and add some layers to make it 3D.

Nothing about the Metroid announcements made me say “yes, I need to get a Nintendo Switch” or “yes, I need to replay that Metroid game”. In this current day of emulation, I could save myself the $30 of a Nintendo 3DS game and spend two minutes acquiring it from questionable sources. Unless Nintendo has something left in the chamber, then this year doesn’t seem to be all that great if you’re a Metroid fan.


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