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Weekend Plans – January 12th, 13th And 14th

Weekend Plans – January 12th, 13th And 14th

Hey it’s Friday and with the weekend comes things to do and movies to watch. If none of that interests you, there have also been video game and DVD/Blu-Ray releases. In case you’ve missed any of this allow me to give you a recap.

New Movies Out

Proud Mary
The Commuter
Paddington 2

New DVDs Out

Bullet Head
The Foreigner
Hollow in the Land
The Tiger Hunter
November Criminals
Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House
My Little Pony: The Movie
So B. It

New Playstation 4 Games

Arcade Archives: Front Line
ACA NeoGeo – Top Hunter: Roddy & Cathy
anywhere VR: Beijing China Selection
Euro Fishing: Waldsee
Sword of Fortress the Onomuzim
Plox Neon
Little Red Lie
Happy Drummer
Energy Invasion
ACA NeoGeo: The King of Fighters ’98

New Xbox One Games

BazookABear Workshop
Destination – Miami
Simple tanks shooter
Space Hulk Ascension
Albert & Otto: The Adventure Begins
ACA NeoGeo: The King of Fighters ’98
Flying Tigers: Shadows Over China

New PC Games

Agent girl
Stickman Safe and Destroy
Witch Sword
Corridor Z
DynamixVR: D.R.I.L.L.
The Evil Party
Sky Is Arrows
Lily Shiroki Yuri no Otome-tachi Lisblanc
Math RTS
Medieval Real Estate
Vegas Party
The Bounty: Deluxe Edition
Yume Nikki
Duralumin Wind
Royal Tumble
Light in the dark
Neckbeards: Cuck Invaders
Rampage Ragdoll
Swords and Sandals 5 Redux
Memento of Spring
My Coloring Book: Professions
Cally’s Caves 4
Beach Restaurant
Artifact Adventure Gaiden
Last Defense
Below Zero
I Love My Brother
Transition to adulthood
Animals Memory: Birds
Sister’s Love
Among the Dead
Wauies: The Pet Shop Game
You Will Never Get This Achievement
Flipped On
Deck Casters
Wagamama Alice to Hyakunichi Sensou
Fighting For Food
Energy Invasion
Cadenza: The Eternal Dance
Tiger Knight
The Disappearing of Gensokyo
Galactic Battles
Only One
Heads Run
Sit on bottle
Nekomew’s Potty Trouble
aMAZE Untouchable
Till the dawn, waiting
Banyu Lintar Angin: Little Storm
A Raven Monologue
Chinese inn
LOGistICAL: USA – Wisconsin
Next Up Hero
Rusty Lake Paradise
BlackShield: Upora StoryJUMP STOP
ERROR: Human Not Found
We Walked In Darkness
Sink or Skim
SuperTrucks Offroad
A Collection of Bad Moments
Odysseus Kosmos and his Robot Quest

New Nintendo Switch Games

Rally Racers
Jolt Family Robot Racer
Draw a Stickman: EPIC 2
ACA NeoGeo: Art of Fighting 2
Energy Invasion
Moorhuhn Knights & Castles
Of Mice and Sand: Revised
Super Meat Boy
The Escapists 2
Azkend 2: The World Beneath

New Nintendo Wii U Games

Jolt Family Robot Racer

New Playstation Vita Games

Little Red Lie
Energy Invasion
The Count Lucanor

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