With the success of running animated movies in the theaters for only about a week, it’s not surprising to hear that other franchises besides Dragon Ball Z, Pokemon and Yu-Hi-Oh! are trying to get something working. According to Tracking Board a Mega Man feature film is being developed between 20th Century Fox and Chernin Entertainment.

This won’t be a horrible live action rendition of the popular 8 big video game character we all grew up playing as, but an actual animated movie. This isn’t the first time we would have seen Mega Man outside of a video game console and onto a screen. When Nintendo was living it up in the late 80’s the cartoon Captain N: The Game Master was created with Mega Man as a member of a Nintendo character based team. Later on when Mega Man got weird, there was a Mega Man NT Warrior cartoon and an anime show called Mega Man Star Force. Anime is sometimes a little odd and the opening to Mega Man Star Force is no exception. I guess you have to watch a few episodes to understand what’s going on

I don’t want to crap on the anime without spreading it around to the other shows. I don’t know what Mega Man will sound like in the movie, if it gets made, but let’s hope he doesn’t sound like he did in Captain N: The Game Master.

Apparently Mega Man was a horrible chain smoker and the only reason he wants to get other peoples powers is to hopefully get a new working pair of lungs. Maybe Dr. Light had to compress him when he was made and all his organs were smashed into each other.

All fooling aside, we are still about a year and a half from the 20th anniversary so maybe they’re just kicking around ideas now to open it around the anniversary.

By Taylor

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