As promised I have done another Way Back Wednesday to make up for yesterday’s sad Strider post. I decided to pick a game that would allow me to respawn where I died and I could finish fairly quickly, so I chose X-Men: The Arcade Game. I figured since I had been pretty tough on the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse movie I would do it a solid and stream one their most popular games. Much like when I was younger, I didn’t have anyone to play this game with at the arcades, so I ran through it on my own as Nightcrawler.

The first thing you’l notice, which I did as well, was the voices sounded like a radio with low batteries. I made sure to move as fast as I could past the cut scenes, which didn’t really mean anything, and get back to the action. The story is pretty simple with Magneto and the Mutant Brotherhood trying to take over while Professor X and the X-Men try to stop them. The arcade cabinet supported up to 6 players at once, with the slowest to choose having to be Dazzler. Most people picked Wolverine because he’s Wolverine, but I decided to take on Kurt Wagner aka Nightcrawler as my hero for this run through.

There are litterlaly about 12 enemies, including bosses, in the whole game. Every level has the same group of enemies with different color palettes which was used to save memory and time creating the game. The levels are about 10 minutes long and elevators are a big part as mostly every level has one of some kind. There are three buttons which are used to attack, jump and perform a special attack which takes away life. All enemies take about 8 hits to destroy which have to be broken up into 4 and 4 because they fall down after being hit 4 times. Nightcrawlers special move is pretty effective later on in the game where you get swarmed with enemies, because his special attack is a one hit kill. The bosses weren’t that tought, especially if you have unlimited lives and can spam the special move, but I can see where there would be some difficulty at a cabinet. I do have to say that the last level is the most blatent use to get more quarters as they not only have a level filled with enemies, but also every boss you’ve come up across in the game. The level allows you to move to the right, but if you don’t beat every boss then you’ll end up facing Mystique (as Magneto) along with other bosses.

The end is a short cut scene showing Asteroid M being destroyed and some text that you have saved the day, then the game starts again. I went through about $6 worth of quarters during my gameplay and I don’t think I would ever do that if I was in the arcade. A home version of the this game sounds move fun, especially with achievements and trophies, but I’d fear after one play through the nostalgia would be gone and you would probably never play it again.

By Taylor

Taylor is one half of Media Discord and resides in Orange County, CA. He grew up loving video games, comics and movies. His favorite game is Chrono Trigger and his favorite comic book character is Deadpool.

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