Way Back Wednesday – The Simpsons Game – Part 3, 4 And 5

The past few weeks I’ve tried something different in which I have taken one game and split it into parts that I would talk about each week for Way Back Wednesday. I thought I would have some fun and play a game I’ve always wanted to play, but fell off my radar, and then I realized there are about 16 levels in The Simpsons Game. I could easily spread this out over four months, but that would be lazy and I really want to get to other games. So for the foreseeable future, I will be putting five levels into each Way Back Wednesday so we can hurry up and get to the next game.

Around the World in 80 Bites

This level took me some time as I was completely confused by what Duffman told me and the actual objective to the level. What I thought was a routine eating contest, was actually a race around the world…of food. You only have to keep Homer eating to get his special bar up, in which he can then turn in to a huge ball and roll around levels and complete certain objectives. The real hero of this level is Bart, because you have play as him and flip switches to open doors to the next part of the level. As I mentioned, this level took me some time and I had to consult the old internet to let me know what to do or where to go. Sadly the videos of people completing this level was on Xbox 360, and it looked a lot better. Never the less the voice acting was still there and the Duffman lines in the back ground made me laugh the entire time I was playing.

Lisa the Tree Hugger

As expected the Lisa level wasn’t too exciting. You had to use the power of levitation to move pieces of trees in certain places to complete puzzles, and then switch to Bart to help complete those puzzles and flip a switch. I believe that Bart foreshadowed this level when he first picked up the game manual, in the game, and saw the Lisa was a playable character. Some of the puzzles in here had me confused, as the graphics really made it hard to tell certain things from a top down view. The biggest puzzle was the steam pipes, but with clever editing you saw me complete it on the first try. We do get an appearance from both Lenny and Carl, but they’re only there to be saved as an objective. The true irony of this level comes at the end where you save the forest, but realize you have just added to the unemployment line.

Mob Rules

In hypocritical fashion, Marge is the center of a movement to get rid of the Grand Theft Scratchy and all of it’s advertisement. You get to beat up police officers while recruiting some of Springfields loneliest characters to help you destroy signs while beating up law enforcement. You even go as far as breaking Snake out of prison to help you cause damage to any signs that promote Grand Theft Scratchy. Lisa is also in this level and uses her meditation powers to move obstacles and operate elevators, and there are a few parts you get to use Maggie in first person mode. The level ends with you catching the mayor in a hot tub with an executive from EA, but the scene turns around when the executive turns on the mayor for the game causing a mob to form. The level really end with the entrance of the next couple levels featuring Kang and Kodos along with the dolphins from Lisa’s part of a past Treehouse of Horrors.


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