I decided to do something a little different with today’s Way Back Wednesday in which I’m not going to put up a single game to completion, but I’ll split it into parts. I have noticed that not a lot people like real long videos, but shorter ones work better. I picked The Simpsons Game because I had never played it, but I had always wanted to. There was no real reason why I didn’t purchase this game when it came out or on Xbox 360, but to try to buy it now you’d be paying $75-$100. The technicalities of how I currently came to play this game is unimportant, but I from what I did play I really enjoyed.

Even though the graphics aren’t on par with the Xbox 360 version, I’m playing the Playstation 2 version which has great cut scenes and voice acting. The jokes are there and even the intro scene to the level is directly from the cartoon. In the first level Homer goes into the Land of Chocolate after eating a bag of chocolate candies, and never once are any German businessmen ever mentioned. So they took a concept from the cartoon and twisted it to fit the game, as well as animated some additional parts with the white chocolate rabbit. 

The gameplay is pretty simple in which you have the ability to jump and punch, but you can also collect power ups from enemies to fill a super attack meter which is a deadly belch. You do have a life bar, but as long as you keep eating all the chocolate around the area it will always be kept full. The other thing I really liked was that there was no set number of lives, so you could die and just respawn over and over. I honestly really like when games do this, because it keeps the player in the game and doesn’t bring frustration. In cases of comedic games, you want to keep the gamer in that mindset of laughing and having fun, the fear of losing lives and starting over being removed helps with that. There was only one kind of enemy in this level and I’m not sure if it was because there was too much content on the DVD or they didn’t know what else to have, but all could be destroyed in a matter of a couple of punches. There were a few platforming areas and the addition of the hidden Duff beer bottle caps made you want to explore every part. I felt the ending was a little rushed as when you turned into a huge ball and rolled around destroying chocolate stands the game just ended, as if Homer woke up from his dream mid level. Even though that’s it was suppose to represent I feel it could have been a little smoother. The other thing I didn’t like it fighting with camera. There were some platforming areas where you need to move the camera to see your target, but it seemed to be hitting an invisible wall, so I died a few times from missing a jump.

Other than that I really had fun hearing the voice actors do their lines, the few lines that were repeated by Homer during the level and the inclusion of Comic Book Guy being self aware and letting you know that actions like the double jump, and the Duff collectibles are just video game cliches. The next level is a Bart themed level, so look forward to seeing it next week.

By Taylor

Taylor is one half of Media Discord and resides in Orange County, CA. He grew up loving video games, comics and movies. His favorite game is Chrono Trigger and his favorite comic book character is Deadpool.

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