Due to Mario getting all the attention with Mario Maker coming out, I decided to go back in time to when he had a rival from another console. This rival would end up being part of his game library and even challenge him in the Olympics. The rival in question is, of course, Sonic the Hedgehog.

Back in the original console wars of my youth, there was more mud slung than there is today. Before the wars became a trio, it was down to Sonic and Mario. Mario was old and Sonic was new and fast with better graphics and better sounds The speed was more than any Nintendo game could handle and even Mario Kart got left in the dust.

I don’t want to turn this into a console war post, but I just wanted to give you a little information on why I decided to to play this game.

Like all Sega games, I had to play them at my friends because I was a Nintendo kid and had no other consoles. I forgot what birthday it was for, but I was there when he unwrapped Sonic the Hedgehog and we all ran to his room to play it. We all took turns and I’m happy to announce I was the first one to beat Dr. Eggman on the first zone, but then quickly died on the second zone. Shortly after that, people decided to copy me and beat Dr. Eggman and then go farther than I did, which of course made me mad and I didn’t play it anymore. My glory was short lived as everyone kept playing and getting further and further into the game, but I knew that there would be other days when it would be only us playing and I would get more chances. Sadly, I never really progressed further than I did that day and he ended up beating it over and over again. So now, may years later, I have decided to try it again.

I was doing pretty well, flying by the first couple of zones and beating Dr. Eggman as I did when I was young. I then got to go the states I dreaded as a kid and it seems that the gamer rust is still there, because I still couldn’t get past the lava level. Now in my defense, the rules for a Way Back Wednesday are to play one time until I die and then write about it. So here I am, writing about 10 minutes of gameplay that looks like a repeat of my younger years. I’m not mad or upset, it was just fun to play it again.

By Taylor

Taylor is one half of Media Discord and resides in Orange County, CA. He grew up loving video games, comics and movies. His favorite game is Chrono Trigger and his favorite comic book character is Deadpool.

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