Way Back Wednesday – Mega Man: The Power Battle

Yesterday I was scrolling through the news and saw a lot of talk about Mighty No. 9, and all the fun it’s development and release scheduling are having, and it reminded me that I have two Mega Man games in my queue of games to play for Way Back Wednesday. As I am a real stickler about playing oldest to newest, I decided to give Mega Man: Power Battle a try.

Released in 1995 as an arcade cabinet in Japan, and through the online service Gametap in North America in 2006, Mega Man: The Power Battle brings the world of Mega Man to the 2D fighting game world. This was way before Marvel vs. Capcom, so don’t get all weird about Mega Man being in a fighting game. In the game you are allowed to pick three characters to play which are Mega Man, Protoman and Bass. Each characters has the same exact powers which are a chargeable mega buster and a form of a dash, the only difference is the look of their shot when they take it. After you pick your characters you are given three options of levels to play which are Mega Man 1-2, Mega Man 3-6 and Mega Man 7. When I first saw this I thought that I would have to fight all the bosses from each of the levels, but it turned out to be only 6 bosses plus two Dr. Wily stages. The bosses are as followed

Mega Man 1-2:

  • Cut Man
  • Guts Man
  • Ice Man
  • Crash Man
  • Heat Man
  • Wood Man

Mega Man 3-6:

  • Magnet Man
  • Gemini Man
  • Dust Man
  • Gyro Man
  • Napalm Man
  • Plant Man

Mega Man 7:

  • Freeze Man
  • Junk Man
  • Cloud Man
  • Slash Man
  • Shade Man
  • Turbo Man

Fortress Bosses

  • Yellow Devil (fightable in Mega Man 1-2 mode or Mega Man 3-6 mode)
  • VAN Pookin (fightable in Mega Man 7 mode)
  • Wily Machine

I started at Mega Man 1-2 and was brought to a map where a cursor was moving around 6 spots randomly. Whatever one you picked was the level you played and after you defeated it you returned to the map, where you would continue to do the same thing until all 6 bosses were defeated. Each level is just a boss, but because the levels aren’t labeled you don’t know who you’ll be fighting. This makes it troublesome when figuring out who is weak against what. After you defeat a level boss you gain their power and move onto the next stage. The good think I liked about this game is that when you die you can continue right where you left off, so you don’t have to replay a boss until you master his patterns and techniques. After I defeated all the bosses I moved onto the two Dr. Wily stages and after you defated the Yellow Devil you fight Dr. Wily who has a few forms. The last form has a 9 second countdown to defeat him, but it doesn’t matter you still beat the game if he gets away. Depending on who you use you will see one of three endings. Since I completed the Mega Man 1-2 with Mega Man I decided to go back and split the other two sections with the Protoman and Bass so that I could see all the endings.

Mega Man: The Power Battle is actually three games in one, I guess this is Capcom’s way of making you pay to play the others levels and see the bosses and endings. Graphically it looked great and the moves and buttons were really easy to use. Three buttons all together are needed to jump, shoot and switch weapons, and even if you don’t have the right weapon to use against a boss the mega buster always works wonders. I really enjoyed this game and I’ll be playing the sequel for next week’s Way Back Wednesday, so if you have a chance check it out.


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