Today we come to the end of run through of Kirby’s Adventure. We are down to the last two levels of the game, which really should be counted as a level and a half at best. The journey has been eventful and there was a whole section of this game that I didn’t even remember. The one consistent is that I never got the hang of the end of the level ‘press a’ mini game to get extra points and lives. In any case let’s get through my thoughts on the last two levels of Kirby’s Adventure for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Level 7: Rainbow Resort

What started off a pretty simple first few stages quickly turned into a realization that I was coming to the end of the game. The tower of mini bosses brought back memories of the levels I played in the past, and even though I had a pretty good weapon it was taken away because of cockiness. I made it through a good amount of the bosses, and if you play this game I suggest you keep the laser as it’s a great range weapon. The other stages after that one  were pretty easy and there was even a throw back to what looked like a Kirby Gameboy level. I knew there were two levels left in the game, so I was surprised when I came across King Dedede at the end of this level. It took me two attempts to beat him, mostly because I used the first attempt to see his fight pattern. Like most bosses you could chip away at his life if you were patient enough, but we all know that there’s always a way to kill a boss faster and that’s really the downfall of most people dying while fighting them.

Level 8: The Fountain Of Dreams

This is the only level in the game with no stages, but a two part end boss. The first part is a side scrolling shooter when you have to dodge attacks and mash the button to fire as quick as possible to hit a floating sphere. I’m not sure what this had to do with the game, but I try not to question things when it comes to video games as it can sometimes take you completely out of the moment. I also learned the hard way that you couldn’t really be patient with this sphere boss as there is an end to this level and if you don’t defeat the boss in time you die. The second part of the boss fight was a demon man who deflected a lot of attacks, so you had to pretty much just fire projectiles at him when you could hoping he would take damage. There were some patterns you could learn to avoid attacks and also areas you could stand without getting hit, but that took me two attempts to learn that lesson. Unlike King Dedede and the sphere boss, the hits that went through on this last boss did some major damage, so you didn’t have to hit him as much but it did take a while.


Kirby’s Adventure was a great throwback to the times that I played this game in my room as a child and later as a teenager when I moved my NES to my grandparents house. Some may label it a baby game, but I really had fun with it and it’s something that I would have my children play because it introduces so many mechanics but in a simple way. I didn’t beat the game in the quickest time like I had predicted, but hey I beat it and that’s all that mattered.

By Taylor

Taylor is one half of Media Discord and resides in Orange County, CA. He grew up loving video games, comics and movies. His favorite game is Chrono Trigger and his favorite comic book character is Deadpool.

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