Last week I didn’t get to do another Halloween themed Way Back Wednesday, but I’m back this week with game I have never played. Since I’m not a big fan of scary things, I did a search online for what people thought was a scary game. I narrowed my search to the Super Nintendo, because how scary can a SNES game really be. The consensus was that Clock Tower was a pretty scary game for the Super Nintendo, so I took it for a spin.

Now the same rules apply as they always do with my WBW game, which means when I die once or twice I call it quits. I could spend hours playing a game, but I figured bite size is pretty good for everyone.

Clock Tower starts with a pretty simple intro screen and a story told with still well painted pictures featuring large text. I don’t know if this was suppose to help young or old people read, the font is bigger than normal and it took me away from the game when I first saw it. The story tells of a few orphaned girls and their care taker being moved to a big house that a guy owns. The girls are a little apprehensive and the main story starts when the care taker leaves a room where you are waiting and doesn’t come back. You play one of the girls and decide to go look for her in a huge mansion with more than enough doors and windows. The controls are a little weird as you control a cursor that you put on objects and use the left and right shoulder buttons to have your character run left or right. The is primarily a 2D game with a few clever tricks to show a 3D look as your character walks up stairs. Speaking of walking, there are a lot of times that when you select an object she will walk to them, and she does it very slowly. I mashed the right and left shoulder buttons so many times hoping that I could hurry up the process of doing whatever she was going to do. There are no weapons given to you so you get to pick up what you can while you go on the search for your care taker. As you go searching around you hear a woman scream and when you go back to the room where you were initially waiting, you find that no one is there. After a few room raids I found a key and a rock, which would be great in a Charlie Brown cartoon but not in this game. While searching around your cursor turns from a point to a box, indicating that you can interact with something. The main issue I had with interacting is pressing the interact button to make the text go faster only to have it repeat what the text said. As you go exploring, you see one of the girls you were with fall through a glass ceiling with a small man on top of her stabbing her with scissors. The very little man start chasing you but walking very slowly and when you leave he room he’s gone. I know I’m suppose to be scared, but this guy looked like he was wearing clothes from the era of Benjamin Franklin and walking around with large scissors. There is no map, so you just have to keep poking around until you find something to progress the story. I died a few times, once from being strangled by a mirror that was a trap and the second by the little man. I tried to use the rock I found as a weapon, but it takes about 4 different actions to choose it and try to use it.

I know that this is suppose to be a scary game, and it may be if I had a lot more time and was a lot younger, but the slowness of the game made me more frustrated then scared. I’m pretty impatient, so having to watch slow walk animations and every slower stair climbing doesn’t fit anywhere in a horror game. I’m sure that the reveal of little Napoleon was great, but I didn’t have the patients to try to do it again.

By Taylor

Taylor is one half of Media Discord and resides in Orange County, CA. He grew up loving video games, comics and movies. His favorite game is Chrono Trigger and his favorite comic book character is Deadpool.

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