It’s been said that the squeaky wheel gets the oil, and this doesn’t hold more truth than in the case of actor Tyrese Gibson getting back into the Transformers movies. Gibson was in the first three movies and played Robert Epps, the friend of Josh Dummel‘s character William LennoxAfter the first three movies a good chunk of the cast left and we were given Mark Wahlberg, which I was not a big fan of. Apparently either Tyrese watched a different version of the movie, or just didn’t watch it at all because he wanted back in. Tyrese isn’t shy about making his intentions for roles clear, he famously made a run for the lead in Django Unchained that featured a widely shared and well made video of him in different situations as a slave. He has been in contact with Michael Bay to put him back into the cast of the Transformers movies and it was recently announced that he has been granted that part.

By Taylor

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