What happened Tony, you corned the market and after six good games the whole franchise went to crap. In my opinion the last good Tony Hawk game was Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland, because it was different and the soundtrack was amazing. Tony Hawk’s Project 8 was boring and even though the Ride games got discounted extremely quickly, I never had any interest in buying one. Even when the Skate games games out, Tony Hawk still didn’t get over taken and after a few years Tony Hawk is back on consoles that are suppose to be the cutting edge and it looks like a Playstation 2 game.

In all honesty I don’t have the game, but I have been waiting for some reviews and video footage but nothing came out prior to the release date. The only footage that was shown has been edited and made ready for the public, so today when I saw footage and comments I’m feeling pretty good that I didn’t buy it.

The above video is from Eurogamer who were the first people I saw post the glitches that the game has been giving people. This picture is from Chris Antista of Lasertime

Sending my 5th error report in 1hr for Tony Hawk 5

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Holy crap what happened? What curse has been bestowed upon Tony Hawk and his games that has made the past few big steaming piles? While researching everyone’s opinion on the game I see that no preview copies were sent out and that there are no patches available at this time. For a lot of people they couldn’t even play the campaign without a crash, so the create a skater and create a park were the only things available.

Tony Hawk games used to be something people looked forward to and now they’re going to be a joke and when someone talks about a new one coming out there’ll be nothing but groans. Maybe it’s time to disassemble the board and just give up on video games.

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