When I was thinking of a title for this article I had Ghostbusters in my head, so if the title sounds like a line of dialogue you’re probably right. I’m sure you’re wondering what The Coalition is. The Coalition isn’t a game, not is it a new musical act, but in fact it’s what Black Tusk Studios has changed their name to. Black Tusk Studios may have been a name thrown around here and there, but they really came to light when they acquired the Gears of War games from Epic after they shut down. It seems know that they have decided to bring some new people on board and change their name to one that’s more fitting of what they represent. The logo features a circle of C’s that when animated sounds like a chainsaw, most notably from the Lancer in Gears of War. Check out the video from Rod Fergusson giving a little more information about why they changed.

With the recent leak of Gears of War HD, I’m thinking they may go the way of Halo at E3. They’ll bring out, what people have named The Marcus Phoenix Collection, and say it’ll be out later this year and next year we’ll get Gears of War 5. All I know is that when you hear The Coalition, you better think of Gears of War.

By Taylor

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