The Trailer For A Plague Tale: Innocence Will Not Help Your Fear Of Rats

Next to my fear of ghosts, spiders and my wife’s wrath when I get caught doing something bad lies my fear of small rodents. I’m pretty lucky to live in a city environment where the only small rodents I encounter from afar are possums and raccoons. When I lived further down south I was right across from a place called Coyote Canyon, and I bet you can guess what was roaming the streets next to my car when I used to get home night. All horrifying stories aside, the one thing that I am most fearful when it comes to rodents are mice and rats. Some may keep these animals as pets and hey more power too you, but I don’t believe they can be completely domesticated. When it comes to encountering mice/rats in real life I never really have, but in video games there seems to be this need to put in variations with the most grotesque features. I can deal with cutting someone up, shooting someone point blank and driving a car into someone, but when it comes to real life situations concerning mice/rats that get’s put down on the list of things I don’t want to experience. Lucky for me, Developer Asobo Studio and Publisher Focus Home have created a game that brings my fear of mice/rats back to when everyone was fearing them.

Ah the Bubonic Plague, the place where Lestat and Louis would find the third member of their merry bunch. A disease which was responsible for over 25 million deaths and brought on by a flea carried on the backs of rats. If you think rats get a raw deal, its only because they were the cause of so much pain and misery that people have this almost instilled fear of them.

There’s little to be said about A Plague Tale: Innocence, but what I can say is that this will probably make you pick your feet up while playing and cover your body with blankets when going to sleep. There will be no more late night walks around your place for fresh air, because around every corner and near every trash can there is a rat waiting for you. The trailer and screenshots show an older women and young boy, which I believe may be taking from the 28 weeks later plot where there are people who are immune. If anything this is the story of getting the little boy to safety while experiencing some action/adventure of that time.

A Plague Tale: Innocence will be out later sometime and playable on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.


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