Besides the Deadpool and Star Wars panels, the one panel that I really wanted to listen in on was the one for Sherlock. I became a fan of Sherlock after watching them on Netflix and then got my mom into it, because it’s a great, well written show. The season’s of Sherlock only last 3 episode, but each episode is 2 hours long so we’re essentially getting three movies per season. The last episode shown was in early 2014, and the next season won’t start filming until next year, so there are a lot of Sherlock fans that are needing their fix.

Deadline reports that during the Sherlock panel on Thursday, the executive producer of Sherlock stated that the long rumors Christmas Special would be out next year. The Christmas special wouldn’t be part of the main story, but a one off set in Victorian times to go along with how the original books were written. All of the cast will be there but since it’s not part of the main story we could see Moriarty make a return, which would be awesome because Andrew Scott played him so well. The special will also be shown in select theaters, so I’ll take my mom as an early Christmas present to her. They also showed a funny teaser trailer with no story details, but just a way to say hi to the characters.

This may be set out of the main story, but the fact that Watson still gets crap for his published papers cracks me up.

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