The Resident Evil Movies Are Getting Rebooted And With Numerous Entries

I have always been a defender of the Resident Evil movies because I am one of the very few people in my circle of friends who enjoys them. The first movie came out and what I thought was a good take on a story set in the world Capcom brought to life, was met with thumbs down, turned up noses and the argument that Jill Valentine was no where to be found. It didn’t matter as the movie went on to make enough money to get a sequel, and would continue to do so for four other movies in it’s life cycle. There were some characters brought in over the movies that came from the games, but they came and went within one or two movies and for the most part only partially helped the story but it really all boiled down to this being all about the made up character Alice. I may have enjoyed the movies more than others, but I can also admit that the last few weren’t that good. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter seemed almost like the fast forward button was hit numerous times during the movie, because they would fast travel to where they needed to go just because they didn’t want to waste time showing the journey. I don’t want this to get into a review but the point I was making was that even though I, a fan of the movies,  didn’t care for it, the movie still grossed $312 Million dollars worldwide. This was suppose to be the final movie in the franchise, but with numbers like that the studios must have been foaming at the mouth to get something done with the franchise and last week we learned they did.

According to Variety there will be a series reboot and we will be getting six new Resident Evil movies. The German company Constantin Films, which produced all six of the current Resident Evil movies, will be back producing the next six in the series reboot. Currently nothing about the films are being shared, but one has to wonder if they are finally going to start taking stories from the Resident Evil games.

The newest Resident Evil games may have a number 7 at the end of it, but there are far more than 7 games in this franchise. Resident Evil games are suppose to be scary and consist of jump scares and oh shit moments that get players when their guard is down. I think the reboot should focus really more on that and get some genuinely scary part thrown in there. They had the dogs in the first movie and there’s nothing more scary than in the first game when the dogs jump through the windows, so why not have moments like that. There can even be shot for shot remakes of different scenes, just like the dogs jumping through the windows, that provide nostalgia and excitement. Some of the best Resident Evil games were great because of the horror and the story. An immersive story that made you care what happened to these characters, and also wonder when the twist would be coming. As of right now there is no information out there, so we can’t make any guesses on where these movies will be going, but once we get some information I will post my predictions.


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