On January 30th Power Rangers: Dino Super Charge will be debuting on Nickelodeon at 12pm. The Power Rangers have been kicked around from station to station and they not landed on Nickelodeon as reported by IGN. The title picture shows 7 Power Rangers in costume and ready to rock, but there will actually be 10 Power Rangers in the show. Also reported was news that next season the Power Rangers show will be called Power Rangers Ninja Steel.

It seems that they are now just going through the kids aisles and looking at every genre of toy out there and turning them into Zords. The original Power Rangers had quite a big of Dinosaur themed Zords, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the current Dino Super Charge Zords look oddly familiar. I guess if they use all cars they would look too much like Transformers and if they were all cats they would look too much like Voltron, so what’s left? It would actually make sense if the Ninja Steel Zords were just big mechs who turned into a bigger mech that had a metal Gi. If the Power Rangers get renewed past 2018 I can only imagine what mechs they’ll be driving.

By Taylor

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