The Nintendo Switch Price And Release Date Gets Leaked

In all honesty, did anyone not see something like this coming? The Nintendo Switch may not have all the bells and whistles like the Playstation 4 and Xbox One do, but it’s a new system and everyone wants to know everything they can about. Regardless of the press conference being in a few days, people are going to be doing what they can to try to get their piece of the pie. There are strict embargo rules that companies, like Nintendo, put into place that states that nothing shall be written or spoken about until a given date and time of the companies choosing. Even with threats of fines, there are still places that break that embargo rule and sometimes there are places like 7-11 who even break street date and sold games early…yes there were 7-11 stores that sold Gears of War 3 before it’s official street date. In the past I’ve posted about places like Best Buy and even Amazon accidentally posting game information that revealed release dates or even unannounced games early, but when it comes to Gameseek they don’t seem to have put up by accident because the posting for the price and release date are still up on their site.

According to Gameseek, and some calculation, the North American price for the Nintendo Switch will be $250.00. The United Kingdom release date is set for 3/17/17, but until the presentation is given this Thursday we don’t know if its a globally set date. The information section gives details that have already been released and while searching the site there are no games leaked as well. I suppose we will have to wait for another site to go rogue and leak the games early.


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