Well it looks like David Spade is now neck and neck with Rob Schnieder as far as quality movies with them as the main character. I’ll admit the first Joe Dirt had its moments and David Spade was tolerable 30 lbs ago, but this is just a desperate straw grab now. If you haven’t already, go ahead and try to stomach this less than exciting trailer for Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser

That’s right, that was a trailer. I don’t know why they’re treating this movie like the plot is a big secret. In a trailer, you usually get some character reveals and basic plot points. The above trailer showed David Spade in front of a horrible green screen a scene where he tries to pronounce his name fancy for comedic effect, but falls short. You also see some returning characters, but how bad is your movie when you can’t get Kid Rock back so you have to cast Mark McGrath. I’d also like to point out that David Spade is the star of this movie and on IMDB he get’s 4th billing.


By Taylor

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