In a recent interview that EW had with some of the cast of the upcoming rebooted Ghostbusters film, it was revealed that the ghosts they would be facing would be those of old New York criminals. In the interview they didn’t mention any of the exact name of the ghosts or if they would be fictional or real people, so let’s take a look at some historical New York criminals and see if they turn up in the film.

Max Blanck and Isaac Harris

These two owned the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory that caught fire and 146 garment workers died. Most of them jumped to their death because the rooms they were working in were padlocked shut and they couldn’t get out.

Lizzie Halliday

Lizzie murdered 5 people, but it’s believed that she may have murdered more. She was married to 5 different men and two of them died after a few years of marriage. She was the first woman to be sentenced to the electric chair, but didn’t go. Instead she went to a mental institution where she killed a nurse by stabbing her 200 times with a pair of scissors.

Joel Rifkin

Joel killed 17 female prostitutes within 4 years. After murdering them he dismembered each body and left parts all over New York.

David Berkowitz

Berkowitz , known as the Son of Sam, used a .44-caliber revolver to kill six people and wound seven others before targeting single woman and couples in New York.

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