When the picture of Jared Leto as The Joker first appeared it was met with some not so nice remarks about the way he looked. The green hair and red lipstick, which are iconic trademarks of The Joker, were there but also some tattoos and silver teeth. When I first saw this picture I thought it would be revealed that Batman had punched The Joker’s teeth out and he had been given those in Arkham Asylum. That theory was left in my brain untampered with until a theory popped up on online.

The theory used aspects of a famous story where The Joker tortured and killed Jason Todd, a former Robin. While beating him up The Joker burned a J into his face, which can also be seen on the picture of Jared Leto. In the story, Robin was resurrected and returned as Red Hood. Check out the movie Batman: Under the Red Hood, it’s really good.

The theory made it’s rounds but it wasn’t until recently that more evidence showed up. A Reddit post pointed out red markings on The Jokers shoulders that matched bullet holes seen on the defaced Robin suit in the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer. If you don’t remember, the post also linked up side by side pictures


If this theory stands true then this is one of the best pieces of detailed continuity I have ever seen. Jason Todd being the The Joker still means that there may be an actual Joker out there and we may see his full transformation into The Red Hood.

By Taylor

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