If you’re still saddened by the new that Mighty No. 9 was pushed back to first quarter of 2016, I may have some news that might brighten your day. Even thought it doesn’t come out and say it, we all know that Mighty No. 9 is pretty much an updated clone of the Mega Man games. I’m not going to pick one because all of the Nintendo Entertainement System games had the same look at feel, it wasn’t until Mega Man X that Mega Man had an updated look. Any everyone who owns an Xbox One, Playstation 4 or PC can enjoy the original six NES games on August 25 for $14.99. That price is just for the digital download, the physical copy will be released next year for $29.99.

The Mega Man Legacy Collection brings all six games from the NES to your current generation console or PC with HD grapics and the ability to view high resolution scans of old concept art, old robot master designs and more. There will also be a challenge mode that remixes game play from the original six games.

By Taylor

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