With all the recent console success of Batman: Arkham Knight there was only a matter of time before rumors of something else coming from Rocksteady. Ever since Batman: Arkham Asylum came out, people have been gruymbling that this art style and game play would work well with other DC superheroes. The first name that everyone speaks of is, of course, Superman. With the long history of horrible Superman video games, the world thinks that Superman needs to be given a second chance with his own solo game. He’s been part of ensemble casts with the LEGO games and Injustice: Gods Among Us, and has shown to perform well in both of those instances. Well, it looks like someone has taken that want for a new Superman game, and created a fake screen shot of a potential leak. The following image showed up on the Daily Superheros tumblr page and was met with reblogs and likes


Like most leaks on the internet, the image was taken over to the social detectives on Reddit who quickly called fake and gave their reasons why.

Even though this has been called out as fake, there hasn’t been any official word from Warner Bros. Montreal or Rocksteady about the leak. The Warner Bros. Montreal Wikipedia page does show that an unnamed game is set to be coming to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One

WBM Upcoming Games


This also doesn’t mean that this new game could be Superman, but let’s not throw away the idea. You can’t see the popularity of the Batman Arkham series, and not think that they wouldn’t be looking to broaden their horizons to new superheroes. In fact, with the chance of Batman fatigue they just may just play it safe and make the next game another superhero.

Let’s play the speculation game. Let’s say that the next game they release is a Superman game and they have the same success that the Batman games are having. Then, let’s say the next Superman game is set to cross over between Metropolis and Gotham City. There have already been Metropolis mentions in Batman: Arkham Knight and Lex Luther does leave Bruce Wayne a voicemail. The third game in the series can bring back Batman and do a longer Batman vs. Superman story. You can bring back all the villains and side characters that both games have introduced, and you don’t have to pick a side because the game will have you switch off during the story. After that they can branch off even more and keep the story going or focus back on solo games.

All know is that the thought of a Superman game being real isn’t as far fetched as you may think. Superman is a popular character who is need of a victory when it comes to solo video games. DC is going to be rolling out their moves each year, so they’re going to need something to give people in between movies to keep the DC name in their mouths. Why not make a good Superman game.

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