Hey everyone welcome back to my review of another episode of The Last of Us. The show which I’m liking, based on a video game I’ve never played on a system that that I didn’t continue after the second generation. As per usual this review will not feature any Easter eggs, because frankly I wouldn’t know what one would be. The only Easter egg is that this show is based on a video game and the stories are, from what I hear, somewhat similar. In this episode we continue the journey of Joel, Elle and Tess as they travel through two buildings in front of a lot of green screen.

The episode starts off with two things, the show earning it’s M rating with some tasteful corpse nudity and the fact that this fungus infection cannot be stopped. Apparently it started near a grain silo, which a mycologist that didn’t get to finish the last bit of her salad was told after viewing the corpse mentioned a few lines above. In the review of the body you can see a single bullet wound smack dab in the middle of the forehead, a bite mark and some fungus pulled out of the mouth. The mycologist is told this person was working near a grain silo and started acting violent towards others. I didn’t see her checked the wrists for handcuff marks and apparently in this version of Earth, sharp shooters are everwhere. If this person was really acting eratic then they would be moving all around and not going slow, but some marksmen nailed a bullseye in the third eye of this person with a very small bullet. There wasn’t even a second bullet hole shown, so the practice of a double tap has not been taught yet.

We learned what I had mentioned last week when I was talking about this being not a virus, and that they just happen to come across this infection and not have any cure for it. Well, they did just come across this infection, there is no cure or vaccine and being blown up into little bits with a bomb is the most effective way to stop the spread. I suppose if there was a vaccine or cure this season would be 6 episodes and it would be an indie game that takes four hours to complete.

The story picks up with the most comfertable way to wake up, in a grass as a teenager with two adults staring at you. Joel and Tess have no idea what to expect with Elle and even though she said she went to school, Elle doesn’t know how long the infection goes before completely turning someone. The posters in the first episode shows a range from a few hours to a few days, I think, depending on where you were bit. I’m sure that I could easily look that fact up, but hey let’s stick with a few days. In fact Joel tells Elle that it could be quick or take decades to show. This seems silly and makes Joel look like he’s the person to do his own research, plus has he really know anyone affected for more than a few decades?

From watching The Mandalorian and all the behind the scenes stuff, I quickly can point out all the green screen used for the background. It really helps out that if you watch the group walk towards the background, the quickly turn directions before they hit it.

The group decided to travel through two buidings that they deemed the easier way on the way to meet the fireflies to get Elle smuggled out. You get some glimpses of a fungus farm of people on a street hagnging out getting some sun and we’re told that they use the fungus like a spiders web. Vibrations can be felt by all infected. In the buildings they find dried up fungus and new corpses, a couple of clickers come say hello and they forget all about being quiet and fire away knowing sound travels and that there is a great chance the infected not too far way can hear them. Elle gets bit again and it’s realized she has been give the game genie code for infinate lives. On the other hand Tess is bit and during the second building they go to to find the fireflies she admits to this after Elle points it out. Sometimes it’s best to mind your business. The fireflies they were suppose to meet are all dead and now the infected hear them and want to come in and say hello. Tess decided to give the ultimate sacrafice, frenching an infected and then blowing up the building they’re all in which adds up to post kiss instant regret. Way to hit the ego of an infected.

We don’t get any more 80’s music, but Joel is given new directions, before Tess turns into confetti, to take Elle to two individuals. I think the two people are part of the firefly funhouse and can use somekind of alchemy to turn Elle’s blood into something useful. Again, I haven’t playing the game so I’m hoping that’s what’s going to happen.

By Taylor

Taylor is one half of Media Discord and resides in Orange County, CA. He grew up loving video games, comics and movies. His favorite game is Chrono Trigger and his favorite comic book character is Deadpool.