Months ago we were given a glimpse and a title for the sequel to Independence Day. After that there were some news stories circling around about who would be coming back and how Will Smith wouldn’t. I personally don’t understand why he wouldn’t return to the movie that made him an action star. Looking at his filmography, after Independence Day he was in a film every year and the majority of them were action films. What we will have are the children from the first movie grown up. The presidents daughter Patricia looks to be in some kind of government position, and Steve Hiller’s step son Dylan followed in his step fathers steps and joined what looks like air force. Vivica A. Fox, Bill Pullman, Jeff Goldblum and Judd Hirsch will all be making a return for the sequel. The one thing person coming back, that I thought was dead, is Brent Spiner who played a doctor at Area 51. He had an alien tentacle wrapped around his neck and was used as a vessel for the alien to speak to the humans.

In regards to story, they mention that 30 years have passed and what looks like an alien ship has landed on earth. Soon after all the major players have been assembled a bigger ship appears and at one point there will be a moon mission. It’s not clarified if these are the same aliens or a new batch that are trying to do what the previous ones couldn’t accomplish. The weapons that the current government has also look to have some alien influence, so there may be a sub-story that involves secret reverse re-engineering of alien technology from the first movie.

By Taylor

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