Everyone is getting excited for a Family Guy movie based on a tweet that Seth MacFarlane responded too, but let’s not for about Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story. What was once a full length movie was then split into 3 seperate episodes and aired during season 4 of Family Guy. The aired episodes were censored, but the DVD versions were uncensored and it was the first time I heard Lois drop an F bomb. I don’t want to crap on anyone’s excitement, I just want people to remember that back when Family Guy was coming off that chopping block it was on for a while, the series made an effort to be different and put out a movie full of colorful language.

Family Guy has grown a lot in the seasons following the release of this movie on DVD and when it aired during the season. The writing bar is constantly being raised, but the subject matter has become a lot more dark. They don’t do weekly current day topics like Southpark, but they do shine light on topics which others may stay away from. I have noticed that lately the episodes have just been ending without any proper closure, the say way The Simpsons have. I feel like once they his their 22 minute mark, they just click File and choose Save and where ever in the episode it is will be a sufficient ending. Let’s hope that these abrupt endings are just so that they could spend more time on this phantom movie that was teased.

By Taylor

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