Just like in the Anaheim, Japan has it’s own D23 expo that shows off all things Disney. From what the video shows, this isn’t the same huge expo that we have here, but something that takes place in an actual movie theater. I suppose this is a great way to cut down on traffic and to see movie theater food.

As I mentioned above, this expo showed off Star Wars Rebels, some other Disney programs and ended with showing Kingdom Hearts 3 footage. The footage shown is of Mickey Mouse wielding a keyblade and later Sora, Donald and Goofy board an Astro Blasters ship, put on a pair of what look like Google Glasses and shoot the heartless in the area.

The footage isn’t the best because it looks to be taped off a screen, but it’s probably the clearest you’ll find at the moment. Not much information has been given about Kingdom Hearts 3 so right now anything new from the game, that doesn’t include spoilers, is much appreciated

By Taylor

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