It’s the season of villains on Gotham, and since you have pretty much all the major villains represented why wouldn’t you throw in a group that made a big splash when they revealed. If you think the Spider-Gwen cosplay caught on fast, then you may have forgotten about The Court of Owls. According to Comicbook, The showrunner Bruno Heller, recently revealed that The Court of Owls would be making an appearance in this season of Gotham.

The above clip was taken from the movie Batman vs. Robin, which is actually really good and I suggest you check it out. According to the comic and the movie, The Court of Owls have been around for a very long time. Β This fits into the theory I have concerning this group and Thomas Wayne.

In the first episode of Gotham season two, Bruce is talking to Jim and Alfred and gives a pretty eloquent speech about doing what’s right. Later when Bruce opens his dads secret room, he finds a letter addressed to him with some heartfelt words. Alfred was really against Bruce going down there, and I believe that it’s because Thomas was part of The Court of Owls. I believe that Thomas did some bad in his life and then turned good towards the end, but the bad had to do with The Court of Owls. It will be this story line that prompts The Court of Owls to visit Bruce and Alfred, but it will be Jim who digs up the dirt on them. The movie had The Court of Owls attacking Bruce Wayne and their major warrior was named Talon, so let’s see if he makes an appearance in Gotham as well.

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