This past weekend I went to see Ted 2 with my fiance. She doesn’t like Jurrasic Park, but she does like comedies and we saw Ted together, so I figured why not go enjoy the sequel. We both love comedies and don’t mind if it gets dirty or risque, so watching a movie such as Ted is pretty much up our alley.

We’ve both seen commercials for Ted 2, so the main story was known and there were no questions. Ted wants to be a father, but the government doesn’t recognize him as a real person. Ted and John (Mark Wahlberg) enlist the aid of Samantha (Amanda Seyfried) to help them with their case. I won’t go into plot details, what I just mentioned can all be taken from the commercials.

The cast has changed and the reason Mila Kunis isn’t in the movie is provided, so it’s not just swept under the rug. Patrick Warburton has sadly moved on from Ryan Reynolds, but him and his new boyfriend do make an amazing nod to themselves later on in the movie. The cameos are few and there is one that the movie sets you up for during the barn section, but it doesn’t go through it.

As far as the plot goes, what you saw in the commercials is good enough to be the main plot, but they tried to throw in a villain that didn’t really do much for the movie. I’m going to call this person the villain so I don’t spoil anything. The villain part of the movie could have been removed entirely, and the story still would have made perfect sense. The locations that the cast went didn’t really depend on the villain driving them there, in fact the villain just showed up most times without any way of us knowing how. Looking back I believe the villain and who he worked for was just a big product placement for this coming holiday.

Villain aside the story was pretty straight forward, and if you looked at the time when they presumably reached the end, you would have realized there was more to be told. The jokes were funny and even if you thought the lead up was stupid, you still laughed at the end because of the wording or how it was said. Like in Family Guy, there were cut aways, but some were extremely funny. There was one that seemed to be a nod to when Peter, from Family Guy, was a prostitute, and the one that the whole theater laughed at was shot so that they could go back later and redo the voices. I’ll explain without spoiling anything. The shot was of an improv group calling to the audience for suggestions and when you heard Ted and John’s responses it was from a blacked out section of the audience, so they were able to redo lines to fit current events.

The ending is a little rushed, but its just given that their the teams last plan of action works and everything is right in the world of Ted. I do feel like if the villain section was removed, we could have enjoyed a longer end scene that showed more of the great writing that the movie produced. That is one thing that the movie did well and if you were able to remove the comedy, then a great message was being pervade. The issue of civil rights is an ongoing thing that didn’t stop after the 1960’s, the movie makes numerous references to that and compares Ted removal of rights to that of African-Americans during that time. The opening court statements by Samantha and the monologues from Ted himself should be listened to with great interest. There are people who don’t pay attention to the news, so they don’t know what’s going on. I believe Ted did a great job of pointing that out bringing to light injustices that are going on.

My fiance and I both enjoyed the movie and if there is a Ted 3, then we’ll be there to watch it opening weekend also.


By Taylor

Taylor is one half of Media Discord and resides in Orange County, CA. He grew up loving video games, comics and movies. His favorite game is Chrono Trigger and his favorite comic book character is Deadpool.

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