It may be a cliche thing to say, but if you haven’t seen any of Chris Farley‘s sketches from Saturday Night Live or at least Tommy Boy, then do yourself a favor and look them up on Youtube and thank me for your laughs. Most generations have their own icons of comedy, for me it was the early to mid 90’s of Saturday Night Live talent. Some of the best stars came from those years and then they all found themselves in each others movies. I suppose it was the friendship that made their onscreen chemistry so strong, and their performances showed it.

Chris Farley was a great comedian and comedic actor who never turned it off, even though at times he should have. No matter what you say him on, he was also there to make people laugh. The documentary I am Chirs Farley shows the life and times of Chris Farley on and off screen and stage, with stories and memories from his friends. I didn’t want to use the phrase coworker, because to me it came off that once you worked with him you were his friend. No matter how big of a star you were once Chris Farley was next to you, no one was paying attention to you.

Here is Chris Farley on Conan O’Brien as his famous motivational speaker character

Here is the trailer to the I am Chris Farley documentary

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