Street Fighter IV: Championship Edition Is Out Now For iOS At A Discount

Street Fighter IV: Championship Edition was delayed for about a week and now it’s finally out and discounted for iOS devices. It’s funny to think that just 8 years ago Street Fighter IV came out on last generation home consoles and everyone ranted and raved about how good it looked. Here we are almost a decade later and it’s running on a mobile device, which makes you think about how quickly mobile device gaming technology is catching up to the current generation of home consoles.

In any case not only is the game $4.99 as a launch discount, but it will feature the following

  • 25 Street Fighter Characters
  • Virtual Gamepad with full move sets, special moves, focus attacks, super combos and even ultra combos
  • Compatible with a MFi controller like the Gamevice
  • Battle head to head with anyone in the world via Wifi
  • Single player arcade and multiplayer modes
  • 4 levels of difficulty
  • Super moves executed with a tap of the SP button



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