Now I’m all for stirring up the rumor mill and causing all kinds of confusion, but I always do so by first letting people know that the information I’m about to provide may be false. So this is it, the warning stating that the following information has not be confirmed.

With that being said, OH MY GOD WE’RE GOING TO BE ABLE TO STREAM OUT XBOX ONE GAMES TO DEVICES NEXT MONTH. Obviously that was for the haha’s and I’m really not that excited about the streamable games, because I feel that it’s not what we all think.

I love my Xbox One, and when the announcement came that I would be able to be stream games to my laptop I was all kinds of excited. I went through and downloaded the preview build of Windows 10 and have kept up to date with all the updates so far. I’m also part of the preview program on Xbox One, so when I received the latest update I found the following under Preferences


This is where the internet is getting their rumors from. The preview of next months update allows streaming to other devices, which is what we want but I feel like there’s a catch.

I believe that you can stream games to other devices such as laptops, tablets and PC’s but they have to be on the same network. This means that you can’t be at the local Starbucks next to the guy writing his 5th failed screenplay and play Mortal Kombat X. Well, not unless you have an extremely strong signal and can connect to your wireless. I feel that you can play your games on devices but only on the same network, so if someone in your house wants to watch TV they can while you continue playing. This doesn’t apply to me, because I live alone and when my fiance comes over things other than gaming are going on. If you’re a tech person, then the first thing you think of is remoting in from your work computer and playing games. This may work, but I guarantee the lag is going to kill you and your controller may not work. I also may be wrong and the connection may be better than most people wired connection, prove me wrong internet.

Will Microsoft ever allow outside networks to be used to stream games from your Xbox One? To be honest with you, I highly doubt it. With man in the middle attacks being implemented at mostly every “free” wifi spot, the chance of your inputing information and having it stolen is high. The only way that Microsoft can get around that is by making you agree to a long EULA type page that states that they aren’t responsible for you logging onto the access point Free Wifi Everyone Use and getting your credit card stolen.

By Taylor

Taylor is one half of Media Discord and resides in Orange County, CA. He grew up loving video games, comics and movies. His favorite game is Chrono Trigger and his favorite comic book character is Deadpool.

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