Monopoly is an iconic board game that gives a snapshot into the wheeling dealing of owning properties, until someone starts accusing the bank of making deal, stealing money and pretty much anything else that causes family and friends to throw over the board in anger. Throughout the years there have been many iterations of the same game, that are pretty much just different skins over the same game. Everything from television and movie themes to theme park locations, and even though there have been game versions it was only now that Final Fantasy is getting thrown into the mix.

Merchoid announced that they would be selling a Final Fantasy VII themed Monopoly board that will probably allow players to buy properties in Midgar as well as The Golden Saucer. The title cover is a mock up of what it could look like, but the final art could probably be more something artsy like most of the Final Fantasy title screens.

According to the website, there will be 8 unamed characters to choose from, 28 different properties to own, 16 chance and 16 community cards, a money version of gil, 32 houses, 12 hotels and I really hope the dice are themed as well.

You can buy the game now, but it will not ship until April 2017

By Taylor

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