When you visit the website for TV channels they’re mostly a big mess full of pop ups and overlaying ads, just the most irritating stuff in the world. I get that you’re trying to earn as much money as you can, but come on guys get it together. The 11 Alive website is current website that has a big of gold underneath all the mess. They recently went on a tour of a prop house that is used by Warner Bros. and one piece of furniture that was shown was described as Peter Parkers bedroom set from Captain America: Civil War.

If you don’t feel like watching the whole tour and seeing the other props from shows, this picture is the best that was available


This doesn’t exactly mean that we’ll see Spider-Man in his suit in the film, but we may see him hanging out in his room. He may get a visit from either Iron Man or Captain America, or a member of their teams, to recruit him. The scene that used these props may not actually be in the film itself, but as an end credit. At the end we could see that Aunt May let’s someone into Peter’s room to talk to him about joining either The Avengers or just helping out.

Right now we still don’t know much, but each week more and more information is coming out.

On a personal note, I understand that people are trying to make money with their sites, but don’t bombard them with ads that can’t easily be clicked away. I have one pop up that comes from the bottom of the page, but I make sure that the X is easily clickable so it can be sent away. With too many annoyances comes people not going back to your site, don’t let that happen.

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