I shall preface this with saying that this is just another rumor floating around about an actor who is possibly going to be playing the new Peter Parker. I will also state that I really wanted to see Miles Morales in the Spider-Man role, I think it’s the necessary change that could really do some good when coupled with better writers. Sony had their chance and they only made their Spider-Man movies slightly better than the Fantastic Four movies that Fox put out and that’s really not saying much. The only good thing that they will be doing is having Peter Parker start in high school already Spider-Man, this way we don’t have to suffer another back story.

Right now it’s rumored that Asa Butterfield is the front runner for the part. This comes via Latino-Review who posted this news and had a source quote the following

Marvel had liked him since day one

The other four actors who were rumored to be in the running for the role were Nat Wolff, Tom Holland, Timothee Chalamet and Liam James. Nothing is set in stone, but here;s a picture of Asa Butterfield from earlier this year looking very Peter Parker.


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