Late last year Mel Brooks made mention that he would be moving forward with the sequel to his 1987 classic film Spaceballs. Brooks had mentioned that he wanted to essentially piggy back on the popularity of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and use that to bring in some good first week money, even if the film flopped. As far as the cast he said he would be glad to have everyone back, including him, to reprise their roles if they would be up for it.

The title for the sequel has been around since the original movie, Spaceballs: The Search for More Money. If Brooks lives up to his claims of piggy backing on episode 7 then the film’s title will live up to it’s name. Recently there were posters popping up along subways that portrayed the burnt remains of Dark Helmet, Spaceballs’ version of Darth Vader, and now the fans are wondering if this is a sign that the sequel is finally happening.

#spaceballs 2 it’s happening oh yes. Posters hanging at the NYC subway

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Personally I’d love to see another Spaceballs movie, especially if it brings back the original cast. Sadly, the only character that wouldn’t be able to be replaced would be John Candy. Candy played the role of Barf, a half man half dog (Mog), and called himself his own best friend. A good voice actress could do Dot Matrix‘ voice, but no one could take the place of John Candy.

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