A few days ago it was reported that Darkwing Duck would be coming back, in comic book form this April. Aaron Sparrow was the editor of the original Darkwing Duck comic that came out is coming back, along with James Silvani, for the books return. This is all that was announced.

For some reason people have picked up on a story without checking references or looking at dates. I guess someone looked at the Wikipedia page and saw that under Television Reboot there would be a return on Disney XD in 2018. The link that is used for a source points to this link,which is an article with no source named and a date of April 2, 2015. This is the day after April Fool’s Day, where there was a joke article put up about Darkwing Duck returning to Disney XD.

Although it would be awesome to see the return of Darkwing Duck and all of his foes, it will have to be either on re-runs of the old show or on the pages of the upcoming comic.

By Taylor

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